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A Note from Our Co-Founder

Dear Fellow Cornellian,


Cornell Financial Analysts’ goal is simple. We want to develop the best and most capable new member class each semester that will go on to become successful in the recruitment process. As freshmen, we all received help and guidance from upperclassmen we reached out to. Through this student organization, we want to make sure that the continuity of giving back to future underclassmen never becomes extinct.


I and fellow colleagues, Matthew Stern and Cooper Devine, founded Cornell Financial Analysts during the Fall of 2018 out of a need for aiding freshmen and sophomores throughout the financial services recruitment process. We knew that there was a void to fill as upon our creation and to this date, we are one of the few student organizations at Cornell dedicated to financial education and the financial services recruitment process.


We began this organization by simply giving recruitment updates on what firms were coming to campus and when. Present-day, we continue to host industry leaders for guest speaker events, private roundtable discussions, and have developed a thorough and tested 10-week educational series for our new members that address financial concepts, valuation, technical & behavioral interview prep, mock investment pitches, and many other topics.


Our organization is founded on the following four pillars:


  1. Hard Work & Dedication

  2. Education

  3. Commitment to Giving Back

  4. Teamwork

If these goals align with what you are looking for in an organization, we encourage you to apply for our organization in the upcoming recruitment cycle.


We look forward to meeting you.


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